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DC Comics’ Heroes – What About the Villains

With a combined number at 73, the DC comics’ heroes and villains is a tough cast to follow. There are so many you can have several favorites. Best of all they will never be jealous of each other.

It is true that DC comics are home to the oldest and greatest superhero of all times. That can only be Superman. But what about Granny Goodness, the name is not what it appears but what is in a name. We all know about Hawkman and Hawkgirl. This is a reincarnated pair that was destined to fall in love. My question is why is it Hawkman and Hawkgirl and not Hawkwoman? These super heroes were created back before political correctness. The original does sound better to me, but I bet the feminist do not like it.

Then there is of course some that made it at Marvel Comics that never did well as DC comics heroes like the Elongated Man. Does that sound familiar? The leader of the Fantastic Four has the same abilities but a different name, mmmmmm OK who is copying who? Then there was Metamorpho, the element man that could turn into a human torch. Ops there is another Fantastic Four member.

Follow the exploits of rockers DEMON TWEAK and the racing clan HARD DRIVING HEROES, as they battle the evil trickster Loki at mightycon.com. Also read articles on your favorite classic comic book heroes written by our resident historian VIRGIL THE STORYTELLER.

Humor Book Review – The Future of Work

Unlike most people, I love my work, and I suppose that’s why I don’t even consider it work, even though I must admit I am probably the hardest working person I know. Of course, what’s that famous quote; “If you love what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life,” and I suppose that is true enough.

Still, for the cynical humorist, well, I understand their plight in their 9-5 daily grind. Thus, there is a very good book that I’d like to recommend to you, in fact, I just read it cover to cover last night, and I couldn’t stop laughing, it is funny as hell, I tell you. The name of the book is;

“The Dilbert Future – Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century,” by Scott Adams, Harper Business Press, New York, NY, 1997, 258 pages, ISBN: 0-88730-866-X.

Well, I’m not sure how I got a signed copy of this book, because I did buy it in a used bookstore. However, someone had paid the full price, which was $25. Although I only paid a couple of dollars for the book, I would have paid $25 had I known ahead of time what was in it, it was thoroughly entertaining, interesting, and had made fun of all the future technology which has come along that was supposed to simplify our lives but has just made a mess of everything, especially productivity software for instance.

The author did note in one of the cartoons that the Internet would keep expanding exponentially due to the fact that so many people with unearned egos want to write all about themselves and create more and more social networking pages to advertise all that they wish they would’ve done in the past, and all that they promise to do in the future. The book went into robots in the workplace, and how your DNA will be used against you when getting a job. All the technology you think is going to help make work more enjoyable is more likely to bring about a “1984″ scenario even the small business setting.

Is this the very best book in the Dilbert series? It’s certainly one of the best books, and even as I am completing this book review I just can’t stop laughing. If you want a good humor book, one which will make light of the monotony of corporate life, this is definitely the book for you. It sits on the top of my bookshelf proudly, and I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Batman Issue 400 Review

I’m a huge Batman fan. I wear Batman clothes, I talk about Batman to my girlfriend (she nods, and pretends to care), I even make YouTube videos about Batman. That being said, I am often disappointed in some of the Batman comic books that I read. A lot of times the stories are re-hashes of old stories, lacking any real plot, or just plain boring.

Issue #400, however, had none of these flaws. It was a great read from beginning to end. The special introduction by Stephen King, surprisingly, was good too. I say ‘surprisingly’ not because of any lack of faith in Stephen King’s writing abilities, but rather because I normally hate introduction, even more so if they are dubbed ‘special’.

I read the whole issue and enjoyed every moment of it. OK, to be honest there were a few times when I wished that Jason Todd would drop dead but other than that it was a great story.

I’ll briefly run down the storyline:

All the major (and some of the minor) crooks in Gotham City are sprung from jail and Arkham Asylum. No one knows who the mastermind is behind the prison break, not even the freed prisoners.

It turns out to be Ras Al Ghul and he offers to help Batman capture and kill all the rogues if Batman will agree to be his partner and help him rule the world.

Batman says ‘No’ and the battle lines are drawn. It’s the Caped Crusader, Robin, Catwoman, and Talia versus pretty much everyone else.

The Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, and the Mad Hatter play the most important part in the story, with a few other villains sprinkled in to add flavor. For example, Catman makes an appearance. Fortunately, he quickly exits stage right.

When it’s all said and done good conquers evil and Batman appears to be reborn, renewed, and ready to fight evil yet again. Ras Al Ghul is killed but it’s a given that he will be resurrected and appear again in the future to further taunt the Dark Knight.

One of the things I didn’t like about this issue was the artwork. Since it was a special anniversary issue 20+ illustrators worked on the interior art. Which means that every few pages the art would suddenly shift and take off in a new direction. This bothered me. It’s like watching a movie that keeps switching from color to black and white and then back again. Just give me one artist and one writer and I’m good. Throw in a good colorist and I’m great.

I suppose I should mention now that Doug Moench wrote the issue. Shout out to him…

If you haven’t read this issue yet it’s well worth the $1 or so you can probably pick it up for these days.

All in all I give it 4 out of 5 stars.



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